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“The Other Jackie Robinson” Gets a Little Attention!

My novel The Other Jackie Robinson was a finalist for the annual Top of the Mountain book award! I traveled to Fort Collins for the Northern Colorado Writers’ Conference April 22, 23 and met a lot of great people involved in writing, agenting and publishing. I was hard to miss in my Brooklyn Dodgers jersey, number 42 […]


The three albums are out and available right here, right now! The Pony Dies, featuring rock and pop tracks, Ted’s Divorce, which is Larry’s collection of ‘hyper-normal’ instrumental music (See Larry’s statement on ‘Space-Age Retro Bachelor-Pad Lounge-Cool’ music.) Two cuts from Ted’s Divorce are already in the hopper for use on CNT’s cult hit It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Danny […]


The 4th annual Fall Fest music festival in Marble is coming up on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. As one of the founders of Fall Fest, Larry will once again be serving up glib repartee from the stage as the event MC and stage manager. This year’s lineup includes the Milemarkers and others. Check back later […]

‘Dog Deuteronomy’ by Larry Good

…For as you dwell in the house of thy Master, so must you abide by the rules of the Master, and though you may not understand, still you must obey, and though  you may not remember all of the rules, still, you must remember “come,” “off,” “down,” and “no,” above all others, and at all times. […]