The 4th annual Fall Fest music festival in Marble is coming up on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. As one of the founders of Fall Fest, Larry will once again be serving up glib repartee from the stage as the event MC and stage manager. This year’s lineup includes the Milemarkers and others. Check back later for more on the lineup, but mark the date NOW!

Sean Kelly of the Samples shows Tristan how to get the cool feedback going!

Sean Kelly of the Samples
shows Tristan how to get
the cool feedback going!

FALLFEST is FOOD, DRINK, CRAFTS AND CONTESTS combined with lots of MUSIC to make a special day with your family and friends. Share a bag of fresh baked pumpkin seeds. Try an award-winning pie; a toasted marshallow as big as your fist; stuff yourself  in the pork-slider-eatin’ contest!  Carve a pumpkin. Make a fort out of hay-bales! Bring an axe and chop a load of wood for fun and prizes!

It’s Fall Fest, Saturday, October 3rd in Marble, Colorado. Larry and the other core organizers – Ryan Vinciguerra and Steve Horner,  are looking forward to a smaller, funner gathering with a local mountain flavor.

More Fall Fest info is available through Marble’s Slow Groovin’ Barbecue at 970 963-4090, and online at slowgroovinbbq.com. More Marble info is available here: http://www.mcrchamber.org

Samples - FallFest 2013 photo by Jill Ulrych

Firefall – FallFest 2013
photo by Jill Ulrych
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